Innovation never stopped in Java land. In this article, I am going to explore a new trend of Java Framework: “Build Time Boot” techniques, which make java applications slim and run faster.

If you searched the microservice framework, you will find a lot of options like: Spring Boot, Vertx, Quarkus, Micronaut, Helidon(those are all java), GoMicro(Go), Molecular(nodejs) etc.

Do you know why so many Java framework options?

Java is a 25 years old language, so the landscape and market definitely is much larger than other languages. …

In my previous blog, I described what happened when Domain-Driven Design met Deadline Driven Design. Software design is a complicated activity. Pushing the deadline doesn’t work in most cases; cutting the software design will never work.

Not existing no-design-software, it’s either Good or Bad

Let’s first explain “the two-person job” mentioned in my previous blog. A basic question first.

Who designed your software?

A, UX designer; B, Architect; C, BA; D, Developer;

If you choose A, I would point your attention to Steve Jobs’ Quotes

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

If you choose B, I would argue that building software is not like constructing a building. It’s much more complex, you can’t copy and paste. Constructing a building usually can be broken down into well-defined duplication work. However when software is broken down into user stories or tasks, they are very different and require expertise. Besides, some development teams don’t have an architect role at all. …

When I asked my clients who know Domain Driven Design, less than 10% would nod their heads.

However when I asked who experienced Deadline Driven Design, almost all would laugh and feel connected.

Put the cart before the horse

Let me share an experience once I delivered DDD methodology to a customer.

BA(Business Analysis) Mr. T is the one I coached for adopting event storming and DDD methodology to analyse the requirement and do the design afterwards in Lab1. After a short break, we met again for a second project Lab2.“

We were standing in front of the following map which was completed by BA Mr. T. …


Ryan Zhangcheng

Red Hat Senior Consultant. Focus on App Dev, DevOps, OpenShift technology.

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